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Help & Info about Zoo Tycoon 2 for windows

  • What is Zoo Tycoon 2?

    This is a strategy based simulation game where players are put in charge of their own zoo full of exotic animals from around the world. Gamers are given a variety of tasks to complete such as hiring and firing staff, breeding animals and upgrading their zoo to help it to become a success.
  • Is Zoo Tycoon 2 Compatible with Windows 8?

    The game is fully compatible with Windows 8 as well as most other versions of Windows. People who find that they are having problems running the game after installing it should try relaunching their computer, as this is likely to be the final step of the installation process.
  • Is Zoo Tycoon 2 Free?

    It is necessary to pay a small fee to purchase the full version of the game. However, there is a demo version of the game that is free to download and play and this will give gamers the chance to determine whether or not it is worth paying for the full version.
  • Can You Crossbreed in Zoo Tycoon 2?

    Only people who have obtained special downloads will be able to crossbreed their animals in the game. However, animals of different species can be kept in the same enclosure so that they are exhibited side by side.
  • How Can I Raise Money in Zoo Tycoon 2?

    Attaching donation boxes to each of the exhibits is a good way to raise money in the game as satisfied customers can show their appreciation by donating to the upkeep of the zoo. Restaurants are also a good way to raise money.
  • Where is the Water Filter in Zoo Tycoon 2?

    The water filters are not present at the start of the game and only appear after players have advanced a little. Therefore, it is best to begin with non-aquatic animals and wait until the water filter becomes available later in the game.
  • Are There Expansion Limits in Zoo Tycoon 2?

    Players are only permitted to have ten exhibits in their zoo and up to 30 animals. It is possible to employ 10-14 staff members depending on the amount of research that is being conducted and up to 20 different buildings.
  • Why Does Zoo Tycoon 2 Glitch?

    If the game map becomes too crowded it may cause the game to glitch from time to time. This glitch may appear as fish swimming around an exhibit and if players tap on the fish it could cause the game to freeze.
  • How Do I Put on a Dolphin Show in Zoo Tycoon 2?

    While putting on a dolphin show is a great way to create customer satisfaction, it requires quite a lot of research. Animals need to have reached the maximum level and the zoo must have scored at least five stars.
  • What is Zoo Tycoon 2 Ultimate Collection?

    This is a special version of the game that has been created for Xbox Play Anywhere. In addition to playing the game on the Xbox, gamers can also run it on Windows 10 and the game needs to be purchased once only to run it on two different machines.


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