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Zoo Tycoon 2

Zoo Tycoon 2 Extinct Animals

Build your Animal Paradise with Zoo Tycoon 2

Zoo Tycoon 2 returns the player to the excitement of creating their own zoo from the bottom up. Build and maintain the best Zoo in the land hire and fire the right staff and care for a whole range of animals while remaining as a profitable business. An open sandbox for the creative mind as one might expect from the tycoon genre of video games.

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  • Charity Cowart

    by Charity Cowart

    Wheres the game? I downloaded the file yet nothing actually downloaded. Great way to get a virus.

  • Karmyn Carlson

    by Karmyn Carlson

    Fun and educational!. I absolutely love it! The animals are cute and fun to interact with! When you set up a little pool for the elephants, they'll play around in the water and roll on their backs. I highly recommend this game to all animal lovers! Pros: Interactive gameplay. Education

  • sidney Alston

    by sidney Alston

    no i can not.. I love is so fun and they have a lot of animals and some have dinosaces.

  • by Anonymous

    It works but has some down sides but everything does.. I love this game but I haven't downloaded it yet, only transferred it. Some of the animals are glitched and won't interact with anything or even move for that matter. They are only for decoration it seems. They still need a habitat and food but they just won't move. But whatever does work is amazing. I'll write another review when I have downl More

  • by Anonymous

    this game is a great way to spend those rainy days!. I think that it is a fun way to show creativity and also a fun way to take care of animals. Another thing is that there are many different kinds of animals so it makes the game more fun to play. Pros: The varieties of animals! Cons: they should add a myth update to where you can have dragons,unicorns,ect

  • by Anonymous

    awesome. yes this was awesome game.i can play all n compare to friend. Pros: fusvbv. vsufhh. Cons: vjkdhudfh. gfgugfg

  • by Anonymous

    Keep in mind it is the trial version; not the full version.. Keep in mind it is the trial version; not the full version. I'm installing it now though, just for the heck of it.

  • by Anonymous

    AWESOME. Awesome. i like animals but i am learning about the old fossils. Pros: Animals. Cons: Graphics

  • by Anonymous

    i don't know how to Download it but i watched peoples playing it. how to play it i can't download it? i need to know tell me plz.

  • by Anonymous

    superb game vow awesome. it is the good game it shows the mental abiality of a person how he could manage the zoo. Pros: animal care. happy guests